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The History and Evolution of 3D Projection Mapping

Tracing the Roots: A Look at the History of 3D Projection Mapping   I. Introduction Definition of 3D projection mapping Brief overview of the history and evolution of the technology II. Early Forms of Projection Mapping Use of slides and film projections in the early...

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Projection Mapping for Events

Events have been known to bring people together, to connect the brand with the audience in an emotional way, there is nothing better than face-to-face promotion. Projection mapping for events can be an effective way of connecting with your audience. The key is to create...

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Building Projection Mapping, How, Why and How Much?

Building Projection Mapping, How, Why, How Much? Building projection mapping allows you to create immersive shows that are larger than life. You no longer need to restrict yourself to 2D / flat projections. Powerful real-time servers allow you to project mystical and whimsical graphics perfectly...

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